COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks: New BR Map, Characters, Night Mode, and More

The anniversary celebration of Call of Duty Mobile has already begun. But as the developers on many previous occasions have mentioned, they won’t just be celebrating the anniversary day; they would instead celebrate the entire anniversary month. Thus, the upcoming Season 11 of COD Mobile will be fantastic as a lot of new content is scheduled to … Read more

Call of Duty Mobile 10v10 Gamemode Revealed

If 5v5 wasn’t enough fun for you, then hold your seats as Call of Duty Mobile developers are already testing a new game mode called ‘10v10 Collection‘. This new mode is scheduled to release in the upcoming season of the game, and today in this post, we will talk to you about just that. How … Read more

COD Mobile New Cage Map Leaked Online

Call of Duty mobile might get a new map called Cage Map which has been leaked now. It was revealed by twitter handle CODMobileLeaks with gameplay from Viiper Gaming. This map is smaller when compared to Nuketown and has two main routes that are split. Besides, this map also features Tencent’s Headquarters original building present in China and Shenzhen. … Read more