Lemme HUP!, a simple arcade game launched

Lemme HUP!

Lemme HUP! is a simple arcade game that is launched for iOS and Android devices. The game is developed by Ken Torii and is inspired by Mario Party’s Hot Rope Jump. The game has a simple concept, the players need to help a dinosaur character called Gyubo to escape from obstacles. All you have to … Read more

Champion of the Fields gets a major update

Champion of the Fields

Champion of the Fields is one of the popular football game developed by NetEase Games. The real-time game now has improved graphics and mechanics with the latest update. One of the important aspects of the update is the improved graphics. This update improves the looks of the players with more intricate details such as sweat … Read more

Battlecruisers is a battle strategy game coming soon


Battlecruisers is a real-time strategy game that is hinted to arrive by October on iOS and Android devices. The game operates in a 2D format and is all about battle strategy. In this game, players need to command their Battercruiser in the ocean. You have to plan and build your defense and attack strategies against … Read more

Hyena Squad RPG to release on 9th September

Hyena Squad

Hyena Squad is a turn-based RPG that will launch on 9th September for iOS devices. The game is developed by Wave Light Games and is currently available for pre-order. Hyena Squad is a strategic RPG game in which you need complete rescue missions by leading a squad. The game takes place in a deep space … Read more

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale to launch on 27th August

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is a card game that is about to launch on iOS and Android devices on 27th August. The game is a sequel to Meteorfall: Journeys game. The game is available for pre-order and pre-registration currently. The Metrofall series is a cool card game franchise. In this game, you need to pick a … Read more

Gogogo!, a simple local multiplayer game launched


Gogogo! is a simple yet a collection of mini-games that offers local multiplayer experience has launched. The game is developed by Robert Thomson and can accommodate up to 16 players. As mentioned this local multiplayer game has a collection of mini-games that offers unlimited fun. The games comprise memory challenges, reaction challenges, creative challenges, physical … Read more

Gun Rounds, a retro shooter now on Android

Gun Rounds

Gun Rounds is a cool retro styled shooting game that is launched on the Android platform. The game is developed by Blabberf and is inspired from the game Downwell. The gameplay is simple the players need to battle the evil from different worlds single-handedly. You have the option of cool weapons to launch attacks and … Read more

Red Stone Plateau, a chess puzzler now on Android

Red Stone Plateau

Red Stone Plateau is a new puzzle game that has chess merged into it. The game is developed by Birdpop and is now available to play on Android devices. In this cool game, players take the role of The Fox Adept, who is a powerful mage and can transform into different chess pieces. You have … Read more

Soccer Manager 2021 opens pre-registration

Soccer Manager 2021

Soccer Manager is one of the best team management games that is available for football. The latest version Soccer Manager 2021 now open for pre-registration for Android devices in certain regions. The game has brought cool new updates when compared to the 2020 edition. This game has more immersive graphics for the players to enjoy … Read more

Motorball, a car football game open for pre-order


Motorball is a game that combines car driving in football which offers double the fun. The game is developed by Noodlecake Studios and is all set for a launch on August 5 on iOS and Android. Currently the game available to pre-order on iOS alone. Motorball game is based on top-down set up in the … Read more

Drift Champions, retro racing game open for pre-registration

Drift Champions

Drift Champions is a retro-themed racing game that is headed for release in iOS and Android soon. It is developed by Holy Cow Games and is now open for pre-registration on Android. As the game suggests it is a high octane racing game that you can enjoy with multiple cars. You need to race along … Read more

Slidout a brainy puzzler now on iOS & Andriod


Slidout is a simple yet interesting puzzle game that has made its way to iOS and Android. The game is a premium title that is developed by Vixa Games. The game has a simple layout yet never bores you with its gameplay. The motive here for the players is pretty simple you have to slide … Read more

Contra Returns might see a global launch soon

Contra Returns

Contra Returns is the mobile version of the popular classic game Contra that ruled the 90’s. Now the mobile version might see a global release soon as per the developers. The game is developed by TiMi Studios. Contra Returns had launched in China in 2017 followed by Taiwan release in 2018. The game’s English version … Read more

1sland a multiplayer exploration game now on iOS


1sland is a new multiplayer exploration game in which players need to find island first. The game is developed by Nada Studios the game is at present available for iOS only and is to arrive on Android soon. This is a simple yet interesting game to play as a group. Players have to race to … Read more

Shadow of Naught, an interactive game now open for early access

Shadow of Naught

Shadow of Naught is an adventure game that involves decision making for the characters in now available for early access. The game is developed by FredBear Game and is currently available on Android for now. The developers have launched the early access to get constructive feedback from the players. This game is driven by a … Read more

KartRider Rush+ now with new vehicles, game modes!

KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ game’s new update has brought in new vehicles, game modes, characters, etc. Also, this update marks the beginning of the new second season which also comprises of some limited time events. As mentioned above more new vehicles are now available for the players once they have downloaded the update. The new vehicles include … Read more

MudRunner Mobile now available on iOS and Android

MudRunner Mobile

MudRunner Mobile a hardcore off-road simulation game has launched for iOS and Android devices. It is one of the well-known simulation game available for PC, PS4, and Xbox since 2017. It is developed by Focus Home Interactive for the mobiles. In the game, you need to transport valuable cargo across rough terrain without damaging both … Read more