After New Zeland And Iceland, Minecraft Earth Soft Launched In 6 More Countries

After being Soft launched in New Zeland and Iceland, Mojang has just released Minecraft earth in 6 more countries, Namely: Sweden, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Philippines and Australia. Living in one of these countries just head to your local appstore and search for ‘Minecraft Earth’ and you will find an option to install the game on your device now.


But what about players who are from other regions? Well, Mojang has promised to keep expanding the soft-launch regions, but haven’t released a list of upcoming countries, so just wait and maybe your country is next on the list. However, if you are super excited and want to try out Minecraft Earth, you can do so by downloading the APK file of the game and play using a VPN.

About Minecraft Earth: Minecraft Earth is an upcoming augmented reality sandbox mobile game developed by Mojang based on the video game Minecraft. It was first announced on 17 May 2019, and will be available as a free to play game on Android and iOS smartphones.