Pre-Register for “Ride Out Heroes” by NetEase Games: Everything You Need to Know About the Game

Ride Out Heroes is a Battle Royale Game where you have to fight against 99 other players to become the last one standing or the winner. There are dozens of weapons, armor, potions and other useful objects are available to be used. You need to defeat your enemies by using the tactics or technique and normal and special attacks of your players.


Control system of this game are much simple, on the left side of the screen there are controls to move around you player and on the right side of the screen there are buttons to launch attacks. As you keep on playing you build up your skills, and then more buttons will be unlocked and will appear on the screen for advance attacks.

One thing which makes this game different from all other Battle Royale Games is that whenever you are out of your HP by taking damages, you do not die. Instead of dying your character becomes a tiny dragon. And if you survive for 15 seconds as an inoffensive tiny dragon, your character will get automatically respawn and now you can start playing again the game. But if you are shot down as a tiny dragon then Your Game is Over. One more thing which make this game different is that in the other Battle Royale Games you have roam around to find the vehicles which are scattered around the map. But in this game you will capture a dinosaur shell and when you invoke it by pressing button it becomes the real dinosaur, that is too interesting.

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The benefit of Pre-Registration is that if the beta version of the game comes out you will be notified instantly and even for the global version the same will happen. Ride Out Heroes is an excellent Battle Royale Game that offers a middle ground between Rules of Survival and Survival Heroes. With the high-quality production and outstanding graphics, this game is gonna win your heart.

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