Cyber Hunter Content Creator Program

Dear Cyber Hunter Players, NetEase Game i.e. developers of the Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Game has launched a Content Creator Program. If you are an Youtuber, Streamer or Artists or in any way an influencer in the Gaming community, you sure should not be missing this.

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The only requirement to join this Cyber Hunter Content Creator program is that you must regularly play Cyber Hunter Game and post videos or stream it on your YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Twitch Account etc.

Various Rewards and Incentives will be provided to all those who qualify in the Cyber Hunter Content Creator Program, Some of the Perks are:

  • Different colored role in Official Discord Server.
  • Chance to stream the on official Facebook Page and YouTube channel.
  • Free Gift codes (Amazon /Google Play /ITunes).
  • Exclusive Cyber Hunter gaming merchandise.
  • Exclusive in game rewards.
  • Monetary rewards.
  • And Many More.

Don’t Wait any more second if you want to get all these perks, Apply now for the Cyber Hunter Content Creator Program.